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Male genitals surgery

Penis enlargement


Extension of the penis is possible due to the fact that not a small part of it is hidden inside the body. The essence of the procedure is in this – part of the body of the penis to be pulled out. During the penis enlargement operation, a partial cut of the penis-bearing attachment to the pubic bone is performed. This adds up to 5 cm to the length of the sex member. The erectile apparatus remains untouched and not traumatized. The surgical incision is made at the base of the penis.


With accumulated adipose tissue in the pubic area, liposuction may be required. Erection before and after surgery does not change. In some cases, it gets better.


When planning to enlarge the member, consultation is a key point. The patient should receive realistic information about the expected effect.



In this case, enlargement of the penis is done by injecting one’s own fatty tissue (lipofilling). It is taken by the method of ingestion, treated in a special way and introduced into the body of the penis. This achieves the desired enlargement of the member, such as diameter and aesthetic shaping. For good results and maximum natural appearance, the correct injection technique is of the utmost importance.

Injecting silicone and paraffin into the penis is absolutely unacceptable. This can lead to permanent damage to the sexual organ because the removal of these substances is impossible. And they lead to chronic inflammatory processes.


Consider seriously, do you need to enlarge the article.


During the consultation, a method of enlargement is chosen and all details are discussed so that the patient has realistic expectations.



Not used to enlarge the penis!

The restoration of the natural appearance of male genitalia by testicular implants is an operation that occurs in congenital abnormalities – testicular testicles in the mucous sac or atrophied testicles. Also, when twisting one or both testes prior to trauma or when the testes have been removed after cancer treatment.


In modern aesthetic surgery, only one type of testicular implant is used – one that is filled with silicone gel. Only in this type of implant is achieved an effect that most closely approximates to the natural appearance of the testicles.


The operation could not create discomfort for the patient. Two incisions are made and pockets are formed through which the implants descend into the scrotum and are positioned in their natural place.


The incisions are delicate and the scars are inconspicuous.


The restoration period is about a week. There is usually no pain and serious discomfort. The feel of the dentures is rapidly becoming quite natural.


Then only a doctor can understand that the testicles have a silicone prothesis.



In our country there is a negative attitude towards circumcision because of some historical accumulations – unfounded with regard to the effect of the procedure itself. My opinion is that circumcision – removing the foreskin (the skin covering the head of the penis) is a very good hygiene procedure, especially for people who are unable to continually maintain exotic intimate hygiene.

In nations where the circumcision is massive, women suffer less from cervical cancer. It is even believed that pleasure in sexual activity increases with the partner.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your options about penis enlarging.