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Female genitals surgery

Female genitals - aesthetic and plastic corrections

Aesthetic plastic corrections in the area of ​​female genitalia, where Galathea Medical Center is specialized, are reduction of small labia – labyoplasty, restoration of the volume of the big labia and plasticity of the vagina. The procedures can also be combined.



Hypertrophy of the small labia is most common after birth / birth, but can also be genetically determined and manifested after admission into puberty. The problem is that the enlarged labs begin to leach over the surface and create discomfort – not just aesthetic.


There may be inconvenience in a variety of intimate experiences – both pain and swelling, as well as sacred because of the appearance. Usually, with enlarged labia, their ends are hyperpigmented. In some cases, it is even possible to experience walking pain because of friction in underwear.


For this reason, and from the aesthetic point of view, the fact that the small lambs have become more outward than the big ones, it is even reflected in the choice of lingerie and swimsuit. In general, the problem is most often psychological and concerns self-esteem.


In these cases, labioplasty is recommended.


Excess tissue is removed by various surgical methods. The goal is to preserve the structure of the labs – not thick and thick, but delicate and delicate. To preserve the senses and galleries.


In labyoplasty, one of the basic principles of plastic surgery is true – it is not important how much you take, but how much you leave to protect the entrance of the vagina from genital infections.


The result of labyoplasty is constant. The effect on improving the comfort and intimate life of the patient – significant.


Save your time for labyoplasty consultation!



Restoring the volume of large labia is a plastic surgery recommended when, over time, large labia have atrophied or reduced their volume.


This can be seen as a post-natal effect or a drastic change in weight due to dieting or illness. For good aesthetization of the intimal area, it may be necessary to restore their volume by the lipophilinization method. In lipophilinase, fat is transplanted from one part of the body into another.


In practice, this is a combination of partial liposuction in which fat is transformed so that it is suitable for re-injection into areas of the body that need filling and correction. In this case, the correction is made by taking the own adipose tissue which, after processing and centrifuging, is implanted into the large labs to restore their shape.


It is possible to perform lipophilic and labioplasty simultaneously, when the small labia in the lower limbs are hypertrophils and the large ones are atrophied. This is often the result of the same process when changes are related to age changes. In young girls, when the cause of the correction is genetic, it is usually just hypertrophy of the small labia, the problem being solved by labyoplasty.



Over the last decade, popularity and development have come to the methods called vagina rejuvenation / vaginal rejuvenation /. These include placing and injecting hyaluronic acid in a special way that seals the walls of the vagina and promotes the formation of collagen. Another procedure for improving the tone of the vagina wall is the vagina tightening. The laser stimulates the muscles and the lining of the wall.


Stretching and tightening of the vaginal canal contributes to more pleasant sexual intercourse and improves the sex life of women.


In the Galateia Clinic, besides labioplasty and the other procedures listed, chemotherapy is also performed.