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Midface lift

plastic surgery to rejuvenate the face

Midface Lifting is a plastic surgery to rejuvenate the face.


The main thing is lifting the tissue of the cheekbones and fixing them to a new location, thus smoothing the nasolabial folds (between the nose and the mouth). Almost always, it’s good to be combined with a browing lifting.


When we talk about rejuvenating facial procedures, it should be taken into account that not only does the skin age but also has atrophy of the underlying tissues: fat and muscle, including bone aging.


As always, it is essential to have a preliminary consultation and plan which sections will be raised and corrected.


Intervention in this lifting is with minimal bleeding, is done through incisions in the oral cavity and in the hair of the head above the ear. This is the area of ​​the cheek and the lower eyelid.


Lifting procedures are extremely beneficial for redistribution of fatty tissue in bags under the eyes if it is necessary to correct such a problem. The crease on the inside of the lower eyelid is also filled. “The way of the tear,” which over time deepens and begins to give the person a weary look. Then the cheek fabric is lifted and fixed in a new, higher position.


As with brow lift, small incisions are hidden in the hair of the head. The skin is sewn with staplers to avoid hair falling.


This operation also achieves a slight lift of the corners of the lips, known as the “Mona Lisa’s smile”. If desired, the effect can be avoided.


The recovery period is up to 10 days, but patients often feel able to restore their normal rhythm to life and after 3-4 days of surgery. The long-term effect is of great importance for healthy lifestyle. In patients who are active smokers, the rejuvenating effect of the midsection lifting procedure will be shorter.


It is extremely important to consult your doctor. You have to ask all the questions that concern you about the operation itself and the effect you want to achieve. The goal is for your person to get harmonious and youthful, not artificial.