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Lips correction

Enlarging the lips is one of the most desired aesthetic procedures

The natural, radiant smile iron doors opens. If there is something that a person perceives as an imperfection that prevents him from smiling and laughing from the heart, modern aesthetic surgery is able to help.


In recent years, lip augmentation surgery is probably one of the most desirable. Unfortunately, the effect is compromising on the ultimate goal of plastic surgery – achieving a harmoniously beautiful face and a balanced balance of all its parts.


In this regard, your lip augmentation should be carefully adjusted to the shape of the face, cheekbones, nose, nasolabial folds around the mouth, eyes, chin and, last but not least, the condition of the teeth.


Lip augmentation can be achieved by methods that have a temporary effect. One of the most popular is hyaluronic acid-based filler correction.


Another preferred method in recent years is lipophilism, which uses its own fat, which is then injected into the mouth after processing. This method gained popularity for maximum natural result using “own” product.


Nevertheless, plastic surgery has always sought a method that would have a lasting effect. Until recently, when implants were added, there was a risk of implant ingrowth into the tissue, which caused some immobility of the lips and, respectively, an artificial smile.


The newest generation of lip augmentation implants is a soft, porous, synthetic material where the implant follows the natural contour of the lip and adds volume to their normal appearance without causing deformation. The implant is placed along the entire lip. If necessary, it can be completely removed.


This type of implants also has a variety of shapes and sizes, but they are not relevant for some patients. During the consultation with your doctor these details should be clarified to avoid unrealistic expectations.


A plastic surgery to place lip augmentation implants is done under local anesthesia and does not take more than half an hour. No need to stay in the clinic. The restoration period is about 24-48 hours.


Supplying the volume of the upper lip, regardless of the method, smooths the fine wrinkles around the mouth.


Before you decide to place a permanent implant, it is advisable to try lip augmentation with some less time-consuming methods – fillers or lipofilling to make sure you have the desired volume.