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Own fat for correction of different areas of the body and face

Lipofilling is ​​an surgical method that uses its own fat tissue to correct different areas of the body and face. It can lift the seat, rejuvenate the aging skin of the hands, fill traumatic holes, deformations caused by scars, rejuvenation of the face.


When we talk about the face, most of the time we are talking about replenishing lips, cheekbones, correcting other undercuts, bumps, dimples, filling the nasolabial and marionettes lines, forehead wrinkles, glaucoma and patches. For example, lip folding by lipophilism is preferred when the patient wants to achieve maximum natural volume and lips to look fluffy.


This method has its advantages for all those who prefer aesthetic corrections to be made using their own “material”. In lipophilinase, fat is transplanted from one part of the body into another.


In practice, this is a combination of partial liposuction whereby the adipose tissue is taken and processed so that it is suitable for re-injection into areas of the body that need to be filled and corrected.


Most often, the own fat cells are extracted from the abdomen under the navel.


You may also experience this procedure under the name “autologous fat transplantation” or “microlipoinfection”.


Operation almost always takes place under local anesthesia. The extracted tissue is processed in a special way in a centrifuge in order to be homogenized. The adipose tissue so prepared is injected into small doses with ultra-thin cannulae polished internally. The aim is to ensure maximum survival of grafted tissue.


It is good to know that some of the injected cells are not being bled and dropped, and the body is released from them naturally. The part that remains, permanently changes the volume of the treated area. Sometimes it’s good to repeat the procedure to build up the effect.


There may be slight puffiness and swelling in the first 24 hours after surgery. It is recommended that after the procedure, cool down the places where the cold compressor has been corrected to prevent more swelling. The restoration period is about a week, but without the need for a stay in the clinic. Usually within 10 days you will feel quite normal and natural.


Within five days after the procedure, you should visit your doctor for a review.


It is very important to choose a specialist with whom your criteria for aesthetics and the desired effect are the same. In this procedure, always put a little more fat than necessary because of the subsequent absorption. If you have unrealistic expectations or the volume criteria are inconsistent, an over-correction effect may also occur.