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Face lifting and stretching the skin of the neck

Rejuvenating face surgery

Face lifting and stretching the skin of the neck is a rejuvenating face treatment.


As mentioned in the introductory article on facial surgery, it is good to act on the ladder method in rejuvenating procedures and not to shoot a can against the sparrows – the initial signs of aging. But the time comes when the only way to achieve a young person’s face is plastic surgery. Surgical procedures related to general rejuvenation of the person are known under the generic name lifting.


Face Lifting is a rejuvenating surgery that raises the facial tissue and removes excess skin. As a zone, this lifting generally affects the middle part of the face, but it differs as a term of midsection lifting, which involves lifting the cheekbones so as to smooth the nasolabial folds.


Face removal involves repositioning of the superficial muscle layer (SMAS). And the effect of the lifting operation depends on how well this layer is repositioned and fixed.


Face cuts are cut through the baccards, the front of the ear, and the incision often continues behind the ear. Thanks to this, the tissues are moved in a vertical direction and the superficial muscles can be slid over to fix it in order to fix it in a higher position. The next step in the lifting operation is to stretch the skin over the oval of the face as the excess part is excised and the wounds are sewn.


Often in facelifting, it is recommended that preoperative homeopathic remedies be used to strengthen the capillary walls. No other pre-skin care is required.


It is important for this lifting whether the patient is a smoker. Much of the problem after facial lifting occurs in smokers. It is advisable for the patient to completely stop smoking four weeks before and four weeks after the lifting operation.


The restoration period is for two to three weeks until the apparent swelling of the operation disappears. The doctor’s recommendation for wound care should be observed.


Frequently face lifting is combined with neck lifting.


Neck lifting is a plastic surgery to stretch the skin of the neck. This procedure treats two parts – the middle of the neck and the side sections.


Problems with aging and hanging of the skin of the neck can be solved by liposuction – when fat is formed, forming a double chin, with the fixation of the subcutaneous muscle or a combination of both. And when combined with face lifting, excess skin is cut.


Years ago, in face lifting, plastic and aesthetic surgeons just removed one piece of shed skin and sutured back the rest. These methods are no longer practiced.


Neck lingering is not necessarily bound to a full facelift. The operation can also be performed on its own.