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Chin Surgery

Methoplasty - one of the most preferred surgical adjustments

Along with the nose correction, one of the most preferred plastic surgery has always been surgical chin adjustment – methoplasty. A curious fact is that to make a career in the cinema, Marilyn Monro makes a plastic surgery for chin adjustment.


Certainly, silicone implants in the chest are far behind in the list of the most preferred plastic fixes.


Methoplasty – a chin adjustment is necessary in cases where its development and proportions are not in harmony with the face. According to the individual characteristics of the patient, aesthetic chin adjustment may be related to: bone removal, implant insertion, improvement of the jaw line. Reconstructive chin adjustment is associated with recovery from injuries or correction of congenital defects.


In terms of achieving a younger vision, it is definitely the fact that the little chin ages the face. Also very often even very young people have a problem with a double chin.


It is possible that during the chin adjustment consultation, the doctor may recommend inserting an implant into the chin instead of a nose correction with a view to the harmony and proportion of the face. However, in other cases, it may be necessary to perform myoplasty and rhinoplasty in order to harmoniously adjust the facial features.


With surgical chin adjustment with a silicone implant, volume and rejuvenation is achieved. The implant is inserted through a small incision through the mouth or in the skin fold under the chin without any visible scars. Usually there is edema that is absorbed for a slightly longer period, between 3 and 6 weeks, but it does not interfere with the overall activity of the patient.


After removing the dressing on the tenth day of the chin adjustment surgery, there’s no problem getting back to work. During the recovery period, care must be taken with food – not to chew solid foods, nuts or tough meats. More aggressive chewing processes can negatively impact the good adhesion of the implant to the tissue.


The problem with a double chin can be solved in several ways, depending on the cause. If it is overweight, the preferred option is to make a liposuction. It is possible to combine liposuction with non-lifting.


Chin correction with bone removal is performed when the chin is larger and needs to be reduced. This intervention is a more specific medical operation, often performed in conjunction with a specialist in maxillo-facial surgery.


Bone removal is required in cases of congenital deformities – a strongly protruding lower jaw where the mouth appears to have sunk.


Chin correction for diminishing се is also performed in patients who have had transsexual operations when a masculine face with a more massive beard is to be feminized.


During the chin adjustment consultation your plastic surgeon will determine the most appropriate surgical method to achieve a result that suits your wishes.