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Brow lift

Tightening and lifting the skin of the eyebrows and forehead

Brow lift is a surgical plastic surgery, in which the skin of the eyebrows and the forehead is stretched and lifted.


Over time, under the influence of a variety of factors – skin aging, gravity, hyper-muscular activity, eyebrows are down. The face becomes tired and more aged. It raises concerns instead of cheerfulness and tranquility.


Even when our inner condition is good, hyperatrophy of the forelimb, relaxation of the skin due to loss of elasticity, lowering the eyebrows and changing the facial expression. So, unfortunately, from one moment on, only inner mental health is not enough to express a good mood.


Using a brow lifting stretches excess skin on the forehead and wrinkles are smooth. The most appropriate age for browing lifting is about 40 years for women and 46 years for men. Browing lifting is also recommended when the patient is young with hyperactive forearm muscles to correct early wrinkles.


Different surgical methods are used in brow lift. Endoscopic brow lifting is a “bloodless” procedure where three small incisions in the hair of the head cut off the skin of the forehead to the eyebrows, stretched and fixed in a higher position. Fixation occurs with a resorbable plate with small teeth or titanium screw.


Endoscopic brow lift can be combined with temporal lifting, which stretches the skin in the area of ​​the temple and raises the eyebrow.


There is still the classical method, which is called the birchronal frontal lifting. The indications for it are much more limited, but there are indications of its use.


In this lifting a large incision is made in the hair part about one – two centimeters behind the hair line and the skin is removed from the entire forehead. It is stretched out, excess skin cuts and sutures.


Bicorronal frontal lifts are rarely used, as the scar is very large and often occurs with hair loss / alopecia.

The choice of the lifting method by which the stretching of the skin of the forehead and the elevation of the eyebrows will be done depends on the patient’s anatomical features and individual wishes.


Brow lift for eyebrow lifting and smoothing wrinkles on the forehead can be combined with blepharoplasty for better effect. It is often difficult to differentiate between the problem of the sad appearance of the eye – whether there is excess skin in the area of ​​the upper eyelid or the eyebrows are located lower.


Therefore, in consultation with your doctor, what exactly needs to be done is: broached lifting, blepharoplasty or a combination of both. A very pleasant effect of the browing lifting operation is the refreshed forehead with no visible scars.