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Thigh lift

Removing excess skin and accumulated fat from the hips

Thigh lift is a surgical procedure for a body that removes excess skin and accumulated fat from the hips.

Relaxing the skin in the thighs and filling them with fat is usually a problem that women like to say: “It’s not fair. Why do not men happen to them? ” In general, the elasticity of men’s skin is better than that of women, and fat stores are distributed differently in the structure of these two types of human body. But it is a fact that in women this is a problem that can not be solved only by changing diet and sports.

It could be said that the difference between the “hip thigh” and the defecation is that in the first case there is well developed and maintained muscles and tight skin, and in the second – relaxed muscle, fat and shed skin. Changes in skin elasticity with age is one of the main factors for the disfigurement of this beautiful part of the female body.

The problem is most often due to a dramatic decrease in weight. Sometimes the effect is due to skin deformities due to accumulated cellulite. In some cases, the cause may be hormonal. Thigh adjustments are also appropriate for people who have accumulated fat deposits under the knees.

When the patient is in a relatively early stage of relaxation of the muscle, the hip correction is at the base of the thigh. If the sagging skin and adipose tissue is more, cut and along the inside of the thigh in order to remove excess skin.

Mild cases of relaxation can be recovered in the operative procedure for hip adjustment and with special nets that retain the relaxed muscle. Then the scar is the smallest and may be hidden in the upper inner thigh / inguinal fold.

Thigh lifting is an invasive surgical procedure that should not be confused with liposuction. In some hip correction, it can be combined with liposuction so as to correct unevenly accumulated fat tissue to aesthetise the inner thigh contour. In these cases, it is possible to recommend that the process of forming tight hips should be carried out step by step so that the final results are more satisfactory and lasting.

In the post-liposuction period, natural healing processes occur in the body (the edema spreads and the weight of the skin lid decreases), which also makes the lateral lifting operation less traumatic and with a more pleasant recovery period.

In the case of a thigh lifting, a stay in the hospital is required for one day. After this operation, it is obligatory to wear special elastic underwear. For the long-lasting effect, it is also important for the patient to take care of himself after obtaining the desired tight thighs.

A healthy diet and a change in habits leading to the problem of fat accumulation is key to the long-term effect of a thigh lifting.