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Butt lift methods

Butt lift is done both in patients where skin and muscles have relaxed or acquired a non-aesthetic appearance over time, as well as in young people who want to achieve the “Brazilian butt” effect.

With a low degree of relaxation, the most preferred modern method is lifting the butt.

In other cases, the lower liposuction methods and the lipophilization of the upper half can be applied.

Butt lift can be achieved by placing silicone implants. This is the most preferred option for achieving the “Brazilian butt” effect. Implants are a little harder, because there is a daily load in this area. There are different types of anatomical implants, conforming to the body as a form and structure.

In operative butt lift, implant positioning may be beneath the adipose tissue – superficial, in or under the buttocks – deep.

Butt lift is often a desirable operation in older women who have skin, muscle, and fat accumulation.

In these cases, the preferred procedure is gluteus lifting. Similar to other surgical lifting methods, fat is removed, muscle is strengthened, and excess skin is removed. Sometimes it is necessary to perform first of the liposuction, and then – a lifting.

Recently, the lipofilling method has often been used to lift the butt in its upper part – by injecting its own fatty tissue.

Gluteoplasty is a recommended and desirable plastic surgery in women with a weak body with a ptoza (hanging) on ​​the skin and tissues in the headspace.

During the recovery period after lifting the butt, the patient should be careful with the seat load. Moderate motor activity is recommended. After placing silicone implants, you should have one in mind that if you need to inject, it should not be in this area.

Lifting of the butt is an increasingly preferred operation for men, especially when the structure of the body prevents the area from being built with fitness or other sports.

During the consultation on surgical lifting of the butt, the degree of skin relaxation, muscle tone and fat accumulation rate is assessed. After this surgical procedure, it is imperative to wear special elastic underwear.