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Choice of plastic surgeon guidelines for choosing a plastic surgeon


The decision to undergo the particular surgical procedure is yours, but it has to be in line with the real possibilities of plastic surgery and your anatomical features. It is good for the plastic surgeon to show pictures that show his typical results related to the procedure you would like to do.


The consultation with the doctor you choose is the first step you need to take to find out how this procedure will achieve optimal improvement of your appearance and image. During the consultation, you should be aware of all the options that are specific to your case.

Qualification and experience

It is important to be aware of: 1. The training and experience your prospective plastic surgeon has for the desired procedure. 2. The experience of the plastic surgeon in performing a wide range of aesthetic and plastic procedures. 3. Membership in the Bulgarian Association of Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (BulAPRAS). 4. Membership of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).


In the preoperative consultation process, share your wishes and expectations and consider the physician’s opinion as to how realistic they are. During the consultation, you should not have any worries or inconvenience. The doctor should create an open communication environment to prepare you for the upcoming procedure in the most positive and useful way.

Medical procedures

Трансплантация на коса
Hair transplantation

The only effective way to recover hair​

Face surgery
Face surgery

Though care for the whole body is important, we pay the most attention to our face​

корекция на клепачи
Eyelids surgery

Blepharoplasty or upper and lower eyelid correction​

корекция на нос

Learn more about rhinoplasty​

корекция на уши
Ears surgery

In terms of beauty - the ear is an unchanging attribute of female and male self-esteem

хирургия на гърди
Breast surgery

The universal symbol of femininity​

хирургия на тяло
Body surgery

The cult of the beautiful body has always excited mankind​

хирургия на полови органи
Intimate surgery

The adjustment to the genitals is an essential part of plastic surgery​


Skin smoothing through controlled surgical intervention​

Естетична медицина
Aesthetic surgery

The most popular rejuvenating procedures​

премахване на белези и бенки
Removal of scars and moles

removing scars and moles for better aesthetics​

обилно потене
Sweating abundantly

The only salvation in people who have a abundant sweating

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dr. Cvetalin Zarev

hair grafting

Hair follicle transplant specialist – grafting of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes